How do you feel?

This is not some deep reflection on grief or the weird alienation that even after two years sometimes hits me as an expat in Austin - an aerial freeway? A drive through donut shop? Turning right on a red light? Post on a Sunday? None of these things seem real. But they are here. No... Continue Reading →

Light and Dark

I struggled with this. My task this week: look for high contrast settings to over or under expose. To create joyful high key photographs flooded with light and dark photographs of mystery and tension. What I got was something slightly different. But it has been hard to over expose in the muddy greys that have... Continue Reading →

A failure of focus

I learnt a lot this week. Not from my great success at my depth of field homework. Which actually left me with 9 photos - shot at three different apertures for three different focus objects - that were virtually indistinguishable..... Despite this I do know I can actually shoot one object out of a line... Continue Reading →

Musical moments

Another School of Rock weekend whiled away at the North Door club in East Austin watching my son play bass this time. It was awesome. Here are a few frozen moments of music, my son's serious concentration and the interplay of audience and band as the guitars serenaded and the singers held the stage.  

Wood Walking

Its supposed to be restorative wood walking. Natures antidepressant.  So I took my son into the healing calm of green leaf and brown bark, out of the bustle of the city and the stress of school. It was for a while, till the world reasserted itself - sending warning noises through the branches: dog barking,... Continue Reading →

Fire and Fish

It's late Saturday night. Music playing. Glass of wine on the coffee table. Light low in our sitting room. I am frozen in place DSLR clamped stiffly in hand. Arms braced against my sides to minimize the wobble during the long exposure - 2 seconds. I'm doing my photography homework. Playing with time. I try... Continue Reading →

Days with dad

Dad left yesterday. Soon he will be over 4000 miles away.  I won't see him for months. This is the expat burden. No popping round to friends and family for coffee or Sunday lunch. No casual meet ups at the cinema or spontaneous trips to the seaside. I dropped Dad off at Austin Bergstrom Airport... Continue Reading →

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