When is too soon?

Introducing Luna - our new dog! Actually, I have a confession to make, she is not that new. Beloved Dougal died on Sunday 16th September and we got Luna from the shelter the next Saturday the 22nd September . We only waited that long because I didn't get back from the UK till the Thursday... Continue Reading →

Missing the Queen of Christmas

My mum was the Queen of Christmas. Starting in November with the making of aromatic brandy, cinnamon, raison Christmas puddings and ending in January with sweeping up the needles from the always impeccably decorated real Christmas Tree hung with twinkling lights and glinting baubles with the pine cone 'Nissa' hidden in the centre. For a... Continue Reading →

Flowering a death

I missed Jill's funeral yesterday. Not that I had had much enthusiasm for a third flight back across the Atlantic for a funeral in less than 6 months. But I did want to be there to share the grief. To say goodbye. But in the end, as many expats find, the cost, distance and organization... Continue Reading →

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