When is too soon?

Introducing Luna - our new dog! Actually, I have a confession to make, she is not that new. Beloved Dougal died on Sunday 16th September and we got Luna from the shelter the next Saturday the 22nd September . We only waited that long because I didn't get back from the UK till the Thursday... Continue Reading →

My beloved dog Dougal died in his sleep last night

I'm back in the UK. Tuesday is the one year anniversary of my mum's death. We had a simple ceremony by her woodland grave today with family and a few special friends. Afterwards we all have lunch back at my parent's house. As I am eating I get a message from my husband who is... Continue Reading →

Light and Dark

I struggled with this. My task this week: look for high contrast settings to over or under expose. To create joyful high key photographs flooded with light and dark photographs of mystery and tension. What I got was something slightly different. But it has been hard to over expose in the muddy greys that have... Continue Reading →

Wood Walking

Its supposed to be restorative wood walking. Natures antidepressant.  So I took my son into the healing calm of green leaf and brown bark, out of the bustle of the city and the stress of school. It was for a while, till the world reasserted itself - sending warning noises through the branches: dog barking,... Continue Reading →

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