Will we stay?


It’s grey in Austin today and currently 55F with showers and a cool breeze. It’s March and the clocks went forward yesterday but we are still stuck in a what has been long Texas winter.

I look longingly at the leaf covered pool reflecting the milk white sky. We haven’t swum since the beginning of October coming on 6 months. I remember days when the walking on the stones around felt like walking on a griddle and you had to skip over into the shade. Weeks where the sky was a constant blue and you almost forgot what a cloud looked like. Days when opening the front door at night was like walking out into a sauna with the late evening Austin heat.

I miss them. The 100 F summer days never bothered me. I feel like a cat stretched out basking in the golden sunshine and the bliss of the splash into a cold pool and the luxurious buoyancy of water.

Last week two people asked me if we would stay in Austin.

We have always answered well at least until the kids leave high school. Well that deadline feels like it is rushing at us like freight train right now. Our youngest will graduate high school in 2022 just over 3 years from now.

My husbands new job means that we could live anywhere in the world. Wales always beckons.

But over the last few months I feel like a transplanted tree whose roots have finally emerged out of its rootball into the surrounding soil. I am developing real connections here.

My daughter and I volunteer at Austin Humane Society and it feels like we have found a place where we are always welcome and our help with the rescue dogs really needed.

I am back involved in education through the PTA and I love it. Education is one of my central passions. My daughter and I even got to go with the PTSA and meet with Texas Legislators. I feel that I can make a difference here.

We have a new dog a truly American dog – an American dingo. We are about to create a fabulous new kitchen. The plants from the Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center are getting leaves again as spring emerges in blossom and  bright green.

So when I was asked “we will stay?” I couldn’t answer.

But I can say that, even on a cold grey day like today when the pool is still like ice and I need my British raincoat, Austin is a really good place to live.

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