When is too soon?

Introducing Luna – our new dog!

Actually, I have a confession to make, she is not that new. Beloved Dougal died on Sunday 16th September and we got Luna from the shelter the next Saturday the 22nd September . We only waited that long because I didn’t get back from the UK till the Thursday and we were too late to finish adopting her on the Friday so we had to come back and get her Saturday morning. There was at least one reason for the haste. My husband was about to leave that Saturday for a week and I didn’t want to be alone. But more than that I just felt I couldn’t get through the loss of Dougal without a Doggy companion.

A dog to get me outside walking.

A dog to cuddle and give companionship to me and the kids.

Luna has done that and more. She is smart, funny and very affectionate. She doesn’t have Dougal’s reassuringly solid presence or happy go lucky nature or passion for water or tireless enthusiasm to chase a ball. But she shares his love of rolling in smelly grass, food! and his pleasure in having his tummy tickled.

She also has a hunger to learn

and a contagious mischievous tongue lolling smile that are her all her own.

We are fairly certain that she is Carolina Dog or American Dingo: a recently discovered breed of wild dogs living in America for hundreds of years, the dog that the Native American tribes would have had and which according to DNA has stayed out of Western domestic dog breeding.

This is kind of ironic, since; unlike Dougal who was an ‘outside’ dog despite being a highly expensive ‘kennel-breed-celebrity-endorsed-designer’ Labradoodle; Luna, the ‘rescue-wild-breed’ dog, is a house dog. She starts the day cuddling with my daughter. She greets my husband when he comes in with with crazy spinning and dog ‘singing’. She sits and listens to my son play the piano. In the evening she sleeps on the sofa and watches TV with us.

We had her over 3 months now and she has brought us endless joy.

So why the delay in sharing her with the world?

Well to be honest I worried people would think it was too soon to get another dog. That they would assume we thought he was easily replaceable. He wasn’t. He was unique and can never be replaced. At Christmas we saw another Labradoodle in a pub and I ached to hug Dougal’s beautiful curly hugeness again. Walking by the creek is eerily quiet without him splashing and I actually miss coming home wet from being sprayed by him when he shook himself to dry.

Conversely I also thought that people would think that we were not giving ourselves enough time to grieve and therefore it would be unfair to a new dog who could never live up to Dougal. But Luna has helped us grieve. We actually an focus on missing him not the generic pleasure of a dog to walk or keep us company and when we are sad about losing him she lies on our laps and licks us.

So the answer to the question ‘when is too soon?’ is it is never too soon because no matter how much time goes by you will never stop loving or missing your old dog so waiting makes no difference. Moreover you actually show how much you recognise their value by continuing to have a dog in your life. For further reason there is this poem I read online

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  1. Loved this. Tony sick. Think a dog would be good for him and me too. Must find rescue dog near Halesworth.
    xsally marlow


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