My beloved dog Dougal died in his sleep last night

I’m back in the UK. Tuesday is the one year anniversary of my mum’s death. We had a simple ceremony by her woodland grave today with family and a few special friends.

Afterwards we all have lunch back at my parent’s house. As I am eating I get a message from my husband who is back in the states ‘can we talk?’ I am just working out whether to get up when he rings me.

I see his worried face in the dark it is 8 am in Austin. ‘Shaw (our 14 year old son) just came in and found me he says”. He pauses and continues “there is no esay way to tell you this” time seems to stretch. At this point I have absolutely no idea what is coming next . Is it about Shaw or  Caera? But he continues “Dougal is dead. Shaw found him not moving and I have checked and he is cold and not breathing”.

I cry and make him show me and Dougal, legs stretched out looks like he is sleeping in his favourite spot by the door . Surely he cant be dead.  ‘Lift his head” I ask and he does but there is no response.

So here we are another day another death. Goodbye beloved Dougal. You made my life so much better for having you in it.



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