How do you feel?

This is not some deep reflection on grief or the weird alienation that even after two years sometimes hits me as an expat in Austin – an aerial freeway? A drive through donut shop? Turning right on a red light? Post on a Sunday? None of these things seem real. But they are here.

No this is last weeks photography assignment (which ended up undelivered because of the torrential storms that swept through Austin). It was to take a simple point and shoot photograph and then redo it to give the object or scene some emotional resonance.

So when you look at these snaps v photographic constructs, ask yourself

‘How do you feel?’

Another way to look at it is to try and guess how I feel.  My previous photography teacher  at The Contemporary Art School in Austin told me photographers always leave some trace of themselves in their photos. What do you think? Can you see what I was feeling when I took them? Were they take on the same day? What do you think?

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