Organizing my kitchen

Amazon Alexa is playing ‘music to clean by’ and our kitchen island is covered in boxes. My niece holds up container after container of  rice and I look skeptically at HEB ginger cookies in a clear plastic container. When did I buy these? Surely ages ago? I bite one tentatively – urgh – soft almost damp and stale. Straight  to the bin – alas more food waste.

We are organizing my kitchen. We moved into this house in a rush and unpacked boxes as we found them to the nearest empty space.  But this led to months of wandering blindly to find things or pushing past people to get into cupboards or jamming things into drawers. So now, trapped in by the Winter Storm, I am going to use my indoor time to finally get it sorted. With a lot of help from my niece.

We even draw a plan on a piece of paper and discuss logistics identifying work areas for prep, baking, storing. I even mime emptying the dishwasher to chose where plates and cutlery should go. Then we set to it.

First all the drawers.

Then the cupboards

Now we are doing the pantry/ larder. My niece hits on a genius idea of organizing according to geographical cuisine. So now I have boxes for Mexican, Italian/Swiss, Indian, Chinese/Thai, US/BBQ and Middle Eastern. I am thrilled when I find wholemeal pizza bases and know immediately they go in Italian. We slightly cheated with cheese sauce which became Mexican by virtue of having Jalapeno Peppers in it!

Eventually – is it really 4.30? – have we done this all day? – we stand in pride and survey the larder. It is so good it makes me want to cook!

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