Natural Bridge Caverns

Today we visited Natural Bridge Caverns. I have visited caves in Wales France and Italy but these were by far the best in terms of rock formation that I have ever seen. I felt in a completely different dimension as we walked ever lower 180 foot below the surface in the darkness with pools of light and the heavy weighted echoed sound of voices and the almost mechanical water dripping. The photos struggle to do justice to the beauty, majesty, otherworldliness and scale of the caverns or the heat and humidity.


Apparently each cavern tour is the equivalent of going up and down 18 flights of stairs. So big congratulations to my dad who managed the Hidden Passages Tour, wet slippery stairs and all – including the moments of total darkness.


Hidden Passages Tour: Walking Distance: 1/3 mile (.53 km) INCLUDES STAIRS, Tour Depth: 180 ft. (54.86 m), Cavern Temp: 70°, Relative Humidity: 99%


My son and I did that and the Discovery Tour which he loved so much he committed to live in a cave when he was older and declared that his spirt animal was bat. Sadly  (luckily) we saw no bats just the shadows of where they slept over 5000 years ago.


We returned home proud and stimulated to the happy sight of a bouncing and better dog!

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