Can you ever have too much Pizza?

“Can we have pizza for lunch?” asks my son. We are having a treat day before they go back to school tomorrow. So far all I have planned is a trip to Office Depot for new Binders (folders). But I feel like I have had enough pizza for a lifetime. The options in Austin are endless. Apparently according to the Austin American Statesmen it is enjoying a ‘pizza renaissance’.

I think that we must have eaten in all of them. It is a reliable eating option when you have vegetarian teenagers and live in a Meat BBQ hotspot like Austin.

In fact, I discover. we have barely touched the tip of the iceberg. Reading the article on Pizza Restaurants I find that out of 13 we have actually only eaten in the number 1 – Homeslice on South Congress. We went there on a blistering hot day. So sadly what I remember, more than the deliciousness of the pizza itself, is the fact that we had to wait half an hour to be seated while we gradually melted even in the water sprayed shade of their courtyard. Looking wider, I find that we have also only eaten one of the 18 Best Pizza Restaurants in Austin 2017  :not sure of this is good or bad news. We cant be such extreme pizza addicts on the plus side but on the down side there is a whole load more temptation out there for us to succumb to.

One reason that we have tried so few restaurants is that mostly we get our pizza delivered. It became a tradition that Friday night was pizza night. A treat for the kids no stress for the adults.

We have moved around a bit in our pizza delivery choice. Double Daves was an early favourite (delicious garlic ‘breadstyx’) but stopped when they lost our order and we eventually got it 3 hours later and cold.


Then it was Papa Johns because web ordering was super easy (and you could get chocolate brownies) .

Then Sarpinos because it was round the corner, delicious and really generous with toppings. It was our first choice for ages till all of us got ill after eating it not once but twice.

Then we moved and have started ordering from Marco’s which is fine but the options are limited.

Last Thursday was a crazy pizza day when I had it both for lunch at the Almo Drafthouse Movie house and then from Marcos in the evening.

So when my son asks I say no. ‘No more pizza’. But my daughter (who seems to have had the comprehension of the word ‘no’ removed from her consciousness) asks me again.

‘There’s this really cool new place on Burnet near Rock School, you can see them making the dough”.”Its all fresh.” “It would be so fun and we are back at school tomorrow” So, as I do far too often with her, I give in and agree. But, I think in my defense, my daughter is hard to resist. She is made for any career in which you need to persuade people because she is persistent, pleasant and plausible.

So at 12.30pm I find my self walking in to DeSano Pizzeria. Its a huge warehouse type space with bags of pasta flour and huge cans of crushed tomatoes piled up and a woman behind a window making ball after ball of pizza dough.

My daughter was right. It is cool, the dough is hand made, the ingredients are fresh. It comes served on a stainless steel baking tray. The kids dive in to their huge margarita pizza. I find myself quite happily munching down on a slice of Capricciosa and thinking ‘when shall I come back and bring my husband?”

Perhaps you never can have too much pizza?

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