Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, San Antonio

It’s Sunday morning and I am in the car heading up the I35 back towards Austin, back home.

I feel that heavy, but happy sated tired that comes from a late night well spent. We left the kids with my dad, to go see The Pink Floyd Laser Light Show at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio and stayed the night in a hotel overlooking the Riverwalk.

It was wonderfully rejuvenating, bringing back both of us to teenage and college days. Such fun. Lasers, 3D glasses, Margaritas, amazing old theatre, Pink Floyd, thousands of twinkling lights reflected in the canal waters, glowing LD boats and horse drawn carriages decked in light, fresh baked bread, melt in the mouth steak, live music, laughter and love.

One of those cut out and treasure time trips that you can sit and relive returning again, again to the spectacle and the joy. How magical all the lights were.

The show was awesome. The highly decorated old Majestic Theatre with its city scape boxes and night sky ceiling was an unexpected and welcome bonus.

The show itself was totally transfixing in 3D and prism glasses. The constant flow of abstract patterns, human figure line drawings, clips from film floated, flashed and danced to the music was breath catching exhilarating at times and trace like hypnotic at others.

It wasn’t even spoilt by the almost drowning sorrow that hit me as in the show images if teachers flashed as they played ‘we don’t need no education‘ (one of my mum’s favourite songs that she even played in Assembly at her school!) followed by pictures of dead musical icons to the haunting Wish you were here. Somehow that loss only served to reinforce the need to savour moments like these when you get them.

Even breakfast was fun. Texas shaped waffle.

The drive out of San Antonio filled with reminders that it is one of the oldest and most historic in Texas.

We drive on, I drain the last drop of now cold hotel coffee from the cardboard cup as we transition to the 183, then smaller roads, then at last we pull up on the drive. I sit for a moment. I expect to feel flat, sad that our San Antonio adventure is over, but I am surprised to find myself filled with happiness to be here. San Antonio is great to visit but Austin is home.

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