American Signs

I have stopped noticing. I have stopped noticing the little differences between here in America and the UK. Here has become my normal. In less than two years I now expect to walk the streets and see mail boxes and fire hydrants.

It doesn’t strike me as odd any longer that houses have house numbers over a thousand. Where would you get a street in the UK with over 1000 houses?

I take it for granted that houses will have big unfenced front gardens filled with all sorts of utility paraphernalia.

Jan 5th-1-3

Although having a large box on your front lawn with a picture of someone dying from electrocution is still slightly worrying.Jan 5th-1-9

The round cylinder Cable boxes are the norm here so the satellite dish sticks out.

However, having my dad here makes me notice it all again. The basketball hoops that face the road.

Jan 5th-1-11

The fact that every 4th house (including ours) has a large flat bed truck in the drive.

Jan 5th-1-13

In our neighborhood you also see many Large Burnt Orange signs with names on. These are for the Westwood High School Kids who are in Teams and Clubs. I have to admit that putting a big sign outside your house with your child’s name and club on it still feels slightly at odds with my British reserve and public modesty (however confident and smug you might be on the inside). But then my kids as yet have no signs! Moreover Americans are simply more direct they are really proud of their kids and they want the world to know if they are in the, basketball team or the choir or on the Football team.

Jan 5th-1-17

Another thing I used to see a lot outside houses where we used to live were American and Texas flags. Americans are not just proud parents most are proud to be American and especially (those who are) Texan. Actually, there are much less American flags on our current dog walk. The closest one is tiny.

Jan 5th-1-14

But still signs of Texas pride like the Longhorn symbol on the painted kerbside number. But I think this must be a more progressive neighborhood,

The nearest full size flag is this.

Jan 5th-1-18

The house opposite has this sign outside. Which you see outside many houses in Austin.

I can’t imagine a UK person being so public about their beliefs. Though I must admit it is a sign I would happily have in my front yard though my husband is far too British for that to ever happen!

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