Resolution 2- try new things, even when its really cold!

It is really cold. It is below freezing in Austin and they are predicting snow again tonight. This is so unusually cold for Texas. Last year it was 40° warmer on January 2nd. It feels somewhat symbolic, as I am certainly in a mentally colder place.


Today Normal Record 1/2/2017
High 33° 61° 80° (1954) 74°
Low 22° 41° 13° (1979) 52°

However, I have to acknowledge that there are some benefits to the cold air. I have been able to wear all my Warm Welsh Pullovers. There is a definite functional purpose to lighting a wood fire, not just because I like the look of real flames. I also feel like eating the hearty soups and stews that I know how to cook far better than enchiladas and queso. My menu planner is a throw back to the UK – Leek and potato soup and fresh bread, beef stew and dumplings, chicken pie, delicious comfort food.

As I drink my coffee and read the weather forecast I regard the outside dubiously. The sky is gun metal grey. The deer huddle together on the ground.

Perhaps my dog would manage with a brief walk around the block? But he sits up and looks up at me expectantly and starts to wag his tail. So because he is hard to resist like that I decide we will do a ‘proper’ walk on a trail with a creek for him to splash in and plants for him to sniff. Furthermore because my second resolution was to try new things (From different fruits to different places) I decide I will not just go out but will go exploring. So I drive my bright blue Toyota Rav 4  to an empty car park at the start of a walking trail that I have never done: The Inga Van Nynatten Memorial Trail. It’s one that we have driven by at least twice a week for nearly two years. My New Year’s resolution in mind I finally actually stop and walk it today.

Its beautiful, empty and peculiarly Austin: in that it combines wildness and a creek with views towards a 4 lane highway. I still have my zoom lens on from photographing the deer so its hard to take an overall vista of the walk. Instead I focus in on details. First of the water in the creek as it burbles and tumbles over and around the ancient rocks.

Then, what my mum would have loved most, – the plants I pass: the bright red and golds of the oak leaves, the almost purple fans of shrub leaves, the sharp thorned Cactus, the ash grey pealing bark oaks and bright green succulents.



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