We have all your mum needs covered.


This is the heading of an email to me from the SunDancers Dance troup at my daughter’s high school. We have all your mum needs covered.

Homecoming 2017 is on October 13TH!

Don’t Worry! The SunDancers have all your Mum needs covered!

Plus, our prices are better than the local store and we don’t charge tax!

Prices go up after September 29th!

So order your Mums today using the attached: Mum Order Form

I read it curiously- was that what they meant to say?  Yes, the text made it clear. Click on the ‘mum order form’ and get one cheaper than the local stores! Really? You can buy mums?

Having just lost one, the idea kind of appeals. Not that any mum could possibly be as good as my mum. But to have a mum again;  someone to send flowers to on mothers day (actually I was pretty rubbish at that) write poems for (a bit better at that) , someone to share Christmas and birthdays with, someone to spoil the kids; that would actually be quite cool.

Were the SunDancers really offering that? I know that you can buy nearly anything in America.

No sadly not. What they were actually selling was a floral decoration to be worn at Homecoming.


To be honest I don’t actually get homecoming. I know that there is a homecoming parade, a homecoming football game and a homecoming dance. If you google the meaning of Homecoming you get stuff about school alumni coming back, but the schools actually  just seem to use it as an excuse for a dance, big football game and a parade in the Autumn/Fall! This is Homecoming at my daughter’s school.

Across the states apparently it is traditional at Homecoming to give a floral corsage made of Chrysanthemums. Boys would wear an armband. In Texas this developed into the extraordinary decoration known as the ‘Homecoming Mum’ – mum as in Chrysanthemum.

Because Homecoming mums are a Texan Tradition  – and everything is bigger in Texas – they have come quite a long way from a simple pinned on flower arrangement. Many Homecoming mums now have to be worn around the neck they are so large! Some are even illuminated. They are supposed to reflect your interests so some people with a lots of different interests could end up covered in mums!

People can spend crazy amounts on mums. This one cost $600 and got featured in the Wall Street Journal!


It was this kind of ‘mum’ that the SunDancers were offering to sell me, but on a thankfully more modest scale.  This is their template.


Though with prices ranging at $15 small, $25 medium, $30 large thats still quite a lot for a flower with ribbons!

But I couldn’t let my daughter miss out. So whilst I didn’t buy myself a mum, I did buy my daughter one. An appropriately medium mum.

Here it is.


I think my mum would have approved.


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  1. There is a book called ‘ The parent Exchange.’…IF PEOPLE THINK THEY WANT DIFFERENT PARENTS. I haveoften fantasised about this..JILL

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