Computer Brain

I have computer brain. Too many hours locked into a computer screen working on Mum’s order of service.

This could be a single typed sheet of A4, but thats not really my style and certainly not my mum’s. Her portfolios for Halesworth in Bloom were so large they had to be bound!

Actually the text is not so hard. If you follow established practice you can summarise a persons life in 600 words.

No its the pictures that take the time. Because everyone holds a memory. There she is in her hi-vis jacket litter picker in hand – slightly terrifying and comic figure.


And telling mums life in 10 pictures is way harder than writing it. Visually her spread was wider. There are so many people who mum valued and who cherished her. They would take an encyclopaedia not one page in an Order of Service.

There are the award pictures

Not to forget the campaign to save the barrow crossing at the station.

Then there are hundreds of photos of the final big event she planned – the Hooker Bi-Centenary weekend.

The last big event that is – apart from the funeral this Friday.

Completing this order of service I keep looking back at the emails my mum sent organising her funeral.  Somehow it feels like I am still working with her to support one of her ambitious projects.

Maybe that’s  why the coffee cups pile up, the printer spits out paper, my poor macbook Pro keeps showing the spinning circle of death and I still am not happy with the order of service. I persist in changing, switching, editing, rearranging, altering backgrounds, fonts, formatting – titles unerlined, switch to bold and back. I try three variations of purple for the text box background.

Why? Why keep going when it was perfectly fine 3 hours earlier? Why will I still not save it as finished? Well, truthfully, I think its because this is the last thing I’ll ever work on with her. So I’ll go back and look at the photo selections one more time.

What about these ones of the school  building named in her honour. Should they go in?


All these photos only cover only the last 5 of her 80 years. There must be so many others to look through and chose from. So maybe this order of service will take just one more day to finish. I do want to get it done. Being accross the Atlantic its just about the only practical thing I can do to help with the funeral arrangements.

But I’m not quite ready to finish working with mum- not yet.

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