Day off from death

I am siting on the built in wooden bench overlooking our swimming pool. We move in a month and I have only just noticed what a great sun trap it is at this time of year. I’m sipping from the inevitable cup of coffee and our huge slightly smelly cream labradoodle comes and flops himself over my legs.

Its ‘School of Rock Saturday’ with the kids having both having lessons and performance rehearsals at different points throughout the day. I am geering my self up for the 6 hours of chauffeuring back and forth to central Austin.

Its not so bad. I get to drive along my favourite road – Spicewood Springs Road. I don’t know any other major city that in the middle of it has a small two lane road through a wooded valley that snakes back and forth over a creak and floods every time a storm  passes through. Its part of Austin’s Hills and Greenbelt geography that makes the city so unique.


Taking anothet swig of now cooling coffee, I can hear the sound of banging and shuffling as my husband sorts out and packs up the garage. Each time we move we shed a little more stuff. Now we have decided to finally going to get rid of the huge metal filing cabinet we have moved 5 times but haven’t used properly since 2007!

I start to think about packing up mum’s stuff.

But I stop myself. Grief is exhausting and boring. So today I’m going to have a day off from death.


One thought on “Day off from death

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  1. Hi Kathy yes we deserve a day off ,hours off minutes off .We have to to survive.
    Crying is exhausting and doesn’t seem to release as is it does other situations .

    It does seem special that road you sent a picture of
    .Just dragged my half of my extended family through 2 hours of canal tunnels in Dudley ,very macabre as we heard all the hardships of men women and children working in the mines so we could have our “wonderful industrial revolution ” paid for in blood sweat and tears and lives it seems.Atill we saw fossil and had laugh when the tour guide accidentally nearly cut us adrift without himself in the cathedral cavern as the rope to the boat broke .
    I am sure Freud would have a lot to say about my choice of birthday outing but there we are .


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