The Blue Yonder

5B62E106-55C5-44EE-81BD-D986003016E4 Mum died today at 11.30.

Thanks to our lovely district nurse who came at 9.30, she was pain free. Thanks to the great carers team she was washed and wearing a fresh nighty.

My Dad, my sister, my two nieces and I were all there in the room with her.

Appropriately, in the hall was one of her dear friends from Halesworth in Bloom.

Her body lies now in the gentle afternoon sunshine with flowers picked from the garden beside her.

But she-  the determined, endless ambitious , loving, mischievous mum – is gone. Over the last few weeks she kept talking about going to ‘The Blue Yonder’ so  perhaps she is there.

However, being a teacher she didn’t go without leaving instructions! So in her memory. Here they are. As she wrote them just 10 days ago just after she got the news.

‘We must have a great again, National Education Service that is accountable
NO selection of children or labelling
Discrediting these ultra right Bring back ETHICS
A proper National,Plan for jobs, creativity and innovation
A properly funded NHS – stop paying back the PFI
National water, energy and rail services
Removal of BREXIT

Just a few to be getting on with and this time it’s over to the majority of  you and the young who do care’

Tamsyn Imison


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  1. You had such a short time knowing your mums time on earth was closing in. But such a meaningful time with your mum in the latter days. It sounds like you were able to meet all her wishes in her final days , even her view over her beautiful garden. In your grief may you find comfort . Love your mums list of things to sort out in your generation – she’s passing the baton on.

    Thinking of you and praying for your family these days.




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