Blessed by people

If good wishes could make you well then my mum by now; after hundred emails, cards, flowers, visits, phone calls and gifts; would be back striding down Halesworth Highstreet in her Flourescent Yellow Tabard with watering can in one hand and liter picker in the other greeted by friends on all sides.

Sadly they cant. Instead mum has been blessed to be pain free, home with her family, looking out the window as the light plays with the golden leaves of the Acacia Tree.

If, this last week, I was given a wish, (but not able to use it to have mum out in the garden weeding and snipping, or in the kitchen tidying up after me, or in the bathroom on her beloved rotary iron, or up in study late at night  writing her blog) my wish would have been to have my husband and kids here with me.

Yesterday that wish was granted.

My second wish would have been to have my adopted family or my mums best friend and her daughter my best friend who have shared so many holidays and celebrations with us. Together we have faced this awful gut wrenching loss before. When my brother died and when their husband/father died. With hugs, laughter and late night cups of tea (or glasses of whiskey) we helped each other through.

That wish was also granted yesterday.

So I shall end this blog here and go and be with them. Mum is awake, alert and asking for tea.




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