Walking the aisles at Walmart

It’s 2. 50pm on a Saturday so I must be in Walmart. Not that I have some bizarre schedule for my shopping or even that I particularly like Walmart. It’s simply that, from 2.45pm to 3.30pm every Saturday my kids have their music lessons at the School of Rock. This leaves me too little time to get home, do anything and come back. I used to sit in my car and read. But now that it can climb to over 100 degrees in half an hour in a parked car, that really isn’t practical. But Walmart is only a 5 minute walk from Rock School, or a 1 min drive which is what I do (since after all this is America). So instead of reading for 40 mins I walk the air conditioned aisles in Walmart looking at all the different stuff.

I had expected Walmart to be more like its British counterpart ASDA. But, in Austin at least, it isn’t. While ASDA in the UK has gone up market, Walmart decidedly hasn’t. The socio-economic status of its customers can be best illustrated by these two unusual facts, they have security tags in their hand baskets and they check your goods against your receipt as you leave! The store is notorious for the low wages it pays its staff. So whilst in most shops in America the cashiers will happily engage you in conversation, in Walmart they rarely speak.

However, even if I didn’t need to while away time, there are still reasons why I go to Walmart. The range is vast from, fishing rods, to baby cribs, to digital cameras, to slow cookers, to towels, shoes and thats just the non food items. It’s also definitely cheeper than other supermarkets. I also haven’t yet outgrown the pleasure of looking at all the things you can buy here that you wouldn’t get in Asda at Merthyr Tydfil in Wales!

So here for your delight are some of the things I saw when I wandered around Walmart this Saturday.

Only in America

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Texas once belonged to Mexico and this still shows in the supermarkets!

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Missing home

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Things I would miss in the UK

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