Grey, Cool and Damp – A lovely day in Austin!

Still can’t quite get used to the fact that the kind of days that were normal in Wales cool, wet and grey are raved over by weather forecasters in Texas.

However, when so many days here in Austin are dry with blazing sunshine over 30 C (80 F) making the grass dry and parched and me sweat right through on my morning dog walk, cool, grey and damp is actually kind of blissful.

I can wear jeans comfortably, feel relief that I don’t have to struggle with the sprinkler system or remember that I need sunscreen even in May.

I don’t have to balance the air conditioner – how can the house go from uncomfortably hot and close to arctic in 5 mins? We also get a break from the constant whirring of the ceiling fans.

I don’t get the disorientating (for a British person) sensation of going from cold to hot when I leave the house and hot to cold when I enter it. Or the shock of the heat when you have been air conditioned for hours and simply forget that it is hot outside.

Another virtue of the wet grass and damp mud is we can see the signs of the invisible ones who have walked and gone. A dog. A human, dog and small footprints I don’t recognize too large for the many squirrels in the park. Perhaps the elusive, skunk, armadillo or raccoon that live here and I never see.

That being said, I actually like the sunshine and the striking shadows it produces here. I like it when the unheated pool stops being a ‘dive in quickly before you change your mind’ challenge and becomes a cool heat relieving pleasure.

I also like the heat as it gives a perfect excuse to go to Amy’s Ice Cream!



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